Thursday, March 29, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: Theresa Vaccaro's Death Certificate

This the death certificate for my ggg grandmother, Theresa (Tocci) Vaccaro. She's my maternal grandfather's great grandmother, the wife of George Vaccaro, who was a bigamist, and the mother of Natale Vaccaro. Anyway, let's see what it says.

Theresa Vaccaro
Place of Death: 335 Humboldt St. (in Brooklyn, NY)
Character of Premises: Tenement
Married/Widowed/Single/Divorced: Married
Date of Death: Jan. 31, 1926
Age: 75
Occupation: House duties
Birthplace: Italy
How long in the US: 25 years
How long a residence of NYC: 25 years
Name of Father: Nicola Giorgio
Birthplace: Italy
Name of Mother: Maria Russo
Birthplace: Italy

I hereby certify that the foregoing particulars are correct as near as the same can be ascertained, and I further certify that I attended the deceased from Jan 1925 to Jan. 31, 1926, that I last saw her alive on the 25th day of Jan 1926, that the death occurred on the date stated above at 5 a.m, and that the cause of death was as follows:

Chronic myocarditis
Chronic interstitial nephritis

Place of Burial: Calvary Cemetery
Date of Burial: Feb. 2, 1926

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  1. Do you know how her maiden name is Tocci, but her father's name is Nicola Giorgio?

    1. My grandfather told me her maiden name, so that's how I know it. Also, Nicola Giorgio is his first and middle name, so his full name is Nicola Giorgio Tocci.