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Surname Saturday: My Italian Roots Part 1 - A belated post

This past Monday, 3/19, was St. Joseph's Day. It's not celebrated like St. Patrick's Day is, but it's a holiday that the Italians celebrate (St. Joseph was the father of Jesus). Every year my grandfather buys pastries that are specially made for this day and we all have some. I don't talk about my Italian side too much on here, but my Italian roots come from my grandfather. He's 100% Italian; hence the part 1 and part 2 of this post. In part 1, I will focus on my great grandfather's side and in part 2, I will focus on my great grandmother's side.


It all starts with my 5th great grandfather, Francesco Boccamazzo (b. about 1790 in Italy). He married Antonia Angelcola (born about 1790 in Italy). They had my 4th great grandfather Michele (b. 1816 in Italy, d. 1931 in NY) and his 4 siblings, Angelo, Maria Nicola, Pietro, and Giovanni.

Michele married Angela Rosa Iacaruso (b. 1817 in Italy) in 1838. They had my 3rd great grandfather, Domenico Maria (b. 1845 in Italy) and his 5 siblings, Francesco Antonio, Maria Antonia, Giovanni, Giuseppe, and Maria Nicola.

Domenico Maria married Maria Giovanna Paterno (b. 1838 in Italy) and had my 2nd great grandfather, Michele (b. 1867 in Italy) and his brother Angelo.

Michele married Carmela DeCosmo (b. 1872 in Italy, d. 1938 in NY) and they had my great grandfather Joseph (b. 1897 in Italy, d. 1967 in NY) and his 7 siblings, Mary, John, Andrew, Dominic, Nicholas, Angelina, and Nicholas J (2 siblings died).

Joseph married Theresa Vaccaro (b. 1903 in NY, d. 1998 in NY) and they had my grandfather Michael (b. 1930) and his brother Natale (b. 1932).


Angela Rosa Iacaruso (b. 1817 in Italy) is the daughter of Domenico and Maria Gaetana Iamele (both born about 1787). She is one of 11 kids, Maria Giuseppa Raffaele, Maria Domenica, Maria Carmina, Angiola Rosa, Andrea, Pasquale, Maria Concetta, Maria Giovanna, Maria Pasquale, and Nicola Maria. (I know, a lot of Maria's in this family).


Carmela DeCosmo (b. 1872 in Italy) is the daughter of Joseph Maria (b. 1837 in Italy) and Angela Rosa Cianciulli (b. 1841 in Italy). She is one of 6 kids; Agnese, Andrew, Concetta, Rachel, and Michael.

Joseph Maria is the son of Andrea (b. 1792 in Italy) and Maria Michele Santoro (b. 1796 in Italy). He is one of 6 kids; Agnese, Giovanni, Maria Raffaele, Michele Antonio, and Francesco Maria.

Andrea is the son of Michele (b. 1772 in Italy) and Maria Cicchetti (b. 1772 in Italy).


Angelarosa Cianciulli (b. 1841 in Italy) is the daughter of Vincenzo Francesco (b. 1806 in Italy) and Carmina Raffaele Di Vito (b. 1806 in Italy). She had 5 siblings; Maria Donata, Maria Catterina, Angela Maria Rosaria, Michele Angelo, and Maria Antonia.

Vincenzo Francesco is the song of Domenico (b. 1783 in Italy) and Annarcangela Perella (b. 1873 in Italy). He was had 4 siblings; Pasquale Berardino, Antonia, Biase, and Silvestro.

Di Vito:

Carmina Raffaele is the daughter of Domenico (b. 1773 in Italy) and Rosa Celenza (b. 1773 in Italy). She had 2 siblings; Costanzo and Maria Giovanna.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for part 2 next Saturday!

Have a lovely evening!

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