Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Bigamist In The Family?!

George Vaccaro, Natale Vaccaro's father, came to the U.S about 1890. His wife in Italy, Theresa Tocci, refused to come over. So George came over by himself. When he arrived here in NY he married a women named Barbara, who was an Irish American. While he was here and married to Barbara he had 2 children named Eva and Alfred. Now back home, Theresa was taking care of 2 children as well, who were also George's. They were named Natale (my great great grandfather) and Louise. So back home in Italy, George was legally married to Theresa and here in NY he was legally married to Barbara. Now my mother remembers my grandfather, her father, saying there was a bigamist in the family. (Now we know who committed bigamy). Anyway, shortly after Alfred was born Barbara dies. So in 1899 Theresa agrees to come over here to NY. Here Theresa and George raise Eva, Alfred, Natale and Louise.
George was natuarlized soon after. But no records are found because his last name was changed on the citizenship papers. It went from Vaccaro to Walker.

When I found this out today and put everything together, realizing that Natale and Louise were born before George made his way here in 1890 and that Theresa was still at home in Italy taking care of 2 children. And that George got married again here in NY to Barbara and had 2 more children, I was kind of excited. I mean I never had this type of story or type of person in the family. No one in any of my families went to jail, did anything bad (except for maybe one person), was killed, etc. So when I found this out you can imagine how happy I was to finally find someone who wasn't "good".

Now I wonder what Theresa thought about all this? I wonder what she thought about her husband marrying another women when he was still legally married to her?
And you can imagine all the stories I'm coming up with. Such as: maybe when Theresa found out about Barbara, she killed her (when she came over here). Now wouldn't that make an interesting story and an interesting find.


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