Friday, April 15, 2011

Henry O'brien's Death Certificate

First of all, I'm so sorry for not posting a lot. This weekend and next week I'll be posting quite a bit. I have a lot of new information to share.

Anyway, let's look at Henry O'brien's, Henry F. O'brien's father, death certificate. When I found Henry's death certificate I wasn't 100% positive that it was him. I'm not certain but I feel that it's the right person. I usually go on my gut feelings when it comes to ordering death certificates and deciding whether or not a certain person is my relative. I'm usually right 99% of the time. So I went on my gut feeling and ordered it. Like I said, I'm pretty certain it's him. It would help if they listed his wife's name. If she was listed then I wouldn't have any doubts. Anyway, let's look at the certificate. Bare with me since the writing is fading and it's very hard to read.

Name: Henry O'brien
Age: 60
Single, Married, Widowed
Birthplace: Canada (That could make me Canadian)
Occupation: nothing
If of foreign birth, how long in the U.S: 49 years
How long a resident in the City: 49 years
Father's birthplace: Ireland
Mother's birthplace: Ireland
Place of Death: somewhere in Brooklyn

I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from April 14th, 1887 to June 13th, 1887. That I last saw him alive on the 13th day of June 1887, that he died on the 13th day of June 1887 about 1:00 a.m. and that the following was the cause of death: some type of pneumonia and asthma (I think so).

Buried at: Holy Cross Cemetery

Now, his son Henry F O'brien is buried at Holy Cross. So it would make sense that they buried the son in the same cemetery as the father. Also, on a census Henry's birthplace is listed as Canada. So everything seems to fit my conclusions pretty well. But I have one question, once again why can't they list the parents names? I don't care that much where they were born. I already know they were born in Ireland. I want to know the parents names. That's the whole reason why I order these things.

Anyway, later today or sometime next week I'll be posting more information.

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