Friday, April 15, 2011

Henry F O'brien's Death Certificate

In the last post I talked about Henry F. O'brien's father, Henry O'brien's death certificate. Now I'm going to talk about the son, Henry F O'brien's death certificate. His cause of death was very interesting.

Name: Henry F. O'brien
Age: 59
Single, Married, Widowed
Occupation: Contractor
Birthplace: NY
Name of father: Henry
Birthplace: U.S
Name of mother: Alice Mulally
Birthplace: U.S
Former residence: 338 Prospect Ave.
Date of death: Sept, 8, 1930

I certify that I have this 12 day of Sept. 1930, taken charge of the body of deceased found at morgue and that I have investigated the essential facts concerning the circumstances of the death. I further certify that I have viewed said body and from examination and evidence that he died on the 8 day of Sept. 1930 in the morning and that the chief and determining cause of death was fractured skull; struck by a taxi cab at 4th Ave. and 15th St.

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery

On the next page:

Manner of injury? Struck by a taxi cab
Nature of injury? Fractured skull
Accident, suicide or homicide? Accident

When I ordered the certificate I just wanted to confirm the parents names. I was not expecting that cause of death. Struck by a taxi cab?! I was speechless when I read that. I mean I've seen many cause of death and none have been that exciting (for me). I've been searching the newspapers for a report on the accident but I've had no luck yet.

Now, according to his death certificate his father was born here in the U.S. But according to his father's death certificate, he was born in Canada. So who knows.

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