Thursday, January 27, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

This is a photo of my gg grandfather Nicholas Lindner, my grandmother's grandfather. I never knew a picture of him existed until one day I asked my grandfather if I could see the cemetery deed that my Aunt Cassie had. While we were looking for it we stumbled upon this photo and 3 others. One is Nicholas and Mary Lindner's wedding photo. The other 2 are big portrait size pictures of Nicholas and Mary. I don't what kind of paper they're on but the paper is ripping and browning. I need to get a photo of them before something happens to them. I was so happy that I find these photos. Certainly not what I intended to get.

Anyway, Nicholas was born about 1868 in Poland to Joseph Lindner and Amelia Drobinski. I believe he had 3 brothers but it hasn't been confirmed. He went by another name, Charles and on my great grandmother Helen's birth record, his name is Michael. So I guess he went by 2 names. He arrived here in the 1880's and married Mary Nalewalski about 1892. They had my great grandmother Helen and her sister Cassie.

He was one who built the dollhouse for my grandmother. Which was passed down to my mother and now it's mine. He also built the furniture for it and a cabinet that sits in my grandfathers garage. My grandmother used to say that she liked him and he was very nice.

He died Oct. 17, 1947 here in Brooklyn, NY.

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