Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emma Wictor Palm

I realized that after I ordered Emma's death record, sometime last year, I never posted it. So here's an early Treasure Chest Thursday.

Emma (Wictor) Palm is my gg grandmother, my great grandmother Clara Dyson's biological mother. Emma died in 1898 at the age of 35 and John Palm, Emma's husband, re-married someone named Betty. I learned something interesting today; Clara was 1 of 7 children. Her and her sister, Gertrude (who I never knew existed), were the only 2 to survive. I knew Clara had a brother, William, but he died at the age of 1.

Since the document is really faded I'm going to try my best to transcribe.

Name: Emma Palm
Age: 35
Relationship Status: Married
Birthplace: Sweden (I can barely make it out but I can make out few letters)
Occupation: Housework
How long in the US?: 15 years
How long a resident of NYC?: 15 years
Father's birthplace: Sweden
Mother's birthplace: Sweden
Place of Death: Brooklyn, NY
Number of families in house: Eight (I'm not sure what it says)
On what floor: Second

I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Dec. 11, 1897 to April 1, 1898 that I last saw here alive on the 1st day of April 1898; that she died on the 1st day of April 1898, about 7:00 PM and that the following was the cause of death:
1. Consumption
2. ? (can't read it)

This certificate delivered to John Palm at 9 AM on April 2, 1898.
Buried at Evergreens Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

The document doesn't state the parents names. Do you know how upset I was? I mean that's the whole reason why I order these; to find the parents names. And all they could give me was the birthplace. Not happy. That means another brick wall that I was hoping would come down.

I need to go to the cemetery and find her, her husband, and his second wife. They're all buried at the same plot. I also need to find out the names of the other siblings.

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