Monday, January 17, 2011

I have Jewish relatives!

That's right. I have Jewish relatives. (I'm Catholic by the way)

Once again we visit Morris Lesser and his 6 children. This time it's Fanny Lesser (Esther's sister, one of 5 girls; 1854-?). She married Michael Sherrick. Together they had Louis and Beatrice.

Louis married but from what I found had no children.
Beatrice on the other hand, married Maurice Hartman. Together they had Fanchon (1898-1980).

Fanchon was born in Illinois in 1898 and then moved with her parents to Connecticut. She married Melvin Title in 1924 (this is where the Jewish relatives come in, I believe Melvin was Jewish). Together they had Samuel and Elaine.

Elaine wrote up an article on her Jewish heritage ( It talks about her mother get confirmed and having a Bat Mitzvah out of respect. (It doesn't make sense though because she was confirmed in 1912 and in that year she was 14). It also mentions that her mother's wedding dress in on permanent display at the National Jewish Heritage Museum in NYC. (I did a little happy dance when I read that).

Elaine married Jerome Lowengard. Together they had 6 children; Mary, Sarah, Henry, Alexander, Benjamin, and Jeremiah. She has 6 grandchildren and one great grandchild. (That means more cousins!).

Samuel on the other hand, married Sally Gershel. They had David, Betty, and Diane. I couldn't find much on Samuel though. But I do know Diane married and had 2 children and David married and had 3 children. (More cousins!).

PS. More posts will be coming tonight, tomorrow, and the rest of the month.

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