Monday, January 17, 2011

SNGF: Ancestor Name List Roulette

1) How old is one of your grandfathers now, or how old would he be if he had lived? Divide this number by 4 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an "ahnentafel"). Who is that person?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the "roulette number."

1) My maternal grandfather, Michael Bocamazo, is 80 (he'll be 81 next month). 80 divided by 4 is 20.

2) The 20th person in my tree is Michael's father, Joseph Bocamazo, my great grandfather.

3) Joseph died when my mom was 6/7 years old. From what my grandfather tells me he seemed like a cool person.

So here are 3 facts that I never mentioned:

He went up to the 6th grade
2. Because of #1 he taught himself at the NY Public Library every week
3. He painted oils, built boats, radios, and carved wood.

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