Monday, June 1, 2009

My Family Reunions Just Got Bigger

I was searching for my 3rd great aunt, Luisa Vaccaro, and I came across a family tree that had the same information about Luisa and her children. "Oooooo" I thought. "Let me contact the owner of the tree". And so I contacted the owner. A few weeks later I recieve an email in response to my question "How are you related?". His wife, Denise, is the great granddaughter of Luisa Vaccaro. "Oooooo" I thought. "That means were cousins. But how?" So I did some thinking and realized that her great great grandparents are my 3rd great grandparents, which means that we are 3rd cousins once removed. "Oooooo" I thought. "I can't believe I found my 3rd cousin once removed". I was so estatic the whole night last night, after I figured it out.

So welcome to the family Denise!


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