Sunday, May 31, 2009

1930 United States Federal Census: Rose Russo and Paul Gencorelli, and Charles LoGiudice and Rose

According to this census, which was taken in Newark, NJ, Rose Russo, 47, was married to her 2nd husband (and her cousin), Paul Gencorelli, 42. Living with them were, Ralph, 16, George, 13, and Frank LoGiudice, 25 (Rose's son from her 1st marriage). Paul was 25 at his first marriage and Rose was 20 at her first marriage, which means she got married to her 1st husband in 1903. Paul, Rose and Frank aren't going to school. Ralph and George are going to school. Everyone was able to read and write. Paul and Rose were born in Italy, along with their parents. Ralph and Frank were born in NY and George was born in NJ. The mother tongue was Italian. Paul immigrated in 1900 and its undetermined if he was natuarlized. Rose immigrated here in 1890 and its also undetermined if she was naturalized. Paul is able to speak English and it isn't stated if the rest of the family are able to speak English. Even though I'm pretty sure Ralph, George and Frank are able to. Paul is listed as a Laborer, Rose as doing housework, Ralph as a Clerk at AMP, George as none and Frank as a Carpenter. Paul and Ralph are listed as employed and Frank is listed as not being employed. They owned their home for $6,000.

Next door was Rose's other son, from her first marriage, Charles LoGiudice, 23, and his wife, Rose, 25. Living with them was Anne, 1. Charles was 21 and Rose was 23, at their first marriage. None of the family is going to school. Charles and Rose are able to read and write. Charles was born in NY, Rose and Anne were born in NJ. The couple can speak English. Charles is listed as a bricklayer and not employed. Rose is listed as doing housework. They rented their home and payed $25.


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