Monday, June 1, 2009

1900 US Federal Census: Henry O'brien and Margaret Gilroy

According to this census, which was taken in Brooklyn, NY, Henry F O'brien, 30, was living with his wife Margaret Gilroy, 27. Living them was Alice, 5 and Catherine, 6 1/2 (my great grandmother). Also living with them was Margaret's sisters, Julia, 30 and Mary, 22. Henry and Margaret have been married for 4 years, which means they were married about 1896. Margaret had 2 children and they're both living. Which means no other children have been born or have died. Everyone has been born in NY. And Margaret's parents were born in Ireland. Henry is listed as a Bricklayer and 0 months of unemployment. Mary and Julia are listed as Pickers with 0 months of unemployment. Henry, Julia and Mary are listed as being able to read, write and able to speak English. Catherine and the children aren't listed. They rented their home.

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