Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to the Family Emma Wictor

I was searching on, a favorite site of mine and where I always go to look for people. Anyway, I was looking for my great great grandmother, Clara Palm. So I typed her name in and up came Clara Hedwig Ingeborg Palm. So I clicked on the link and up comes her parents names, John Palm and Emma Wictor. I was so happy to finally have found Clara's mother.

Now I remember my cousin saying that her middle names were Hedwig and Ingelbord not Ingeborg. So I came to the conclusion someone might have made a mistake. I know its my great great grandmother because of the correct birthdate. And I also remember my great aunt telling me that she had a step mom named Betty, who I found on a census a few weeks ago. So I finally found Clara's biological mother.

Welcome to the family Emma!


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