Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Prompt #35. Talk about an orphan picture containing people you do not know. Cont'd

Today I was looking at the back of the photo, that I talked about the other day (Note: heres the post) and I was thinking about what it says. Its says "Great grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John". Now I like I said there were two John's in the family. One on the Vaccaro side and one on the Boccamazzo side. Since it says "Grandpa", I'm thinking the older boy is my great grandfather Joseph Bocamazo and the younger boy on his mothers lap is John or "Uncle John". Which means "Great grandma" would be my great great grandmother Carmela Boccamazzo.

I mean it would make sense since Joseph was born in 1897 but his brother wasn't born until 1903. And since the photo was taken in 1902 it can't be John Vaccaro and his sister Anna because they were born in 1918 and 1921. So I don't know. I'm thinking its a picture of my great grandfather Joseph and his brother John but I don't know.

I need to ask my grandfather when I see him next. (I forgot to ask him today). Because this photo "mystery" is driving crazy. I can't figure it out since I don't know who wrote it.


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