Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Prompt #35. Talk about an orphan picture containing people you do not know.

I got this picture from my grandfather and I have no idea who these people are. According to the back of the picture, this photo was taken in 1902. And I remember my grandfather telling me that one of the children was named John. Now I'm thinking John is the older boy standing next to his mother. So who could the younger child on the mothers lap be? It could be John's sister, Anna which is what I'm kind of thinking since John's brother is older. But the back of the photo says "Great grandma, Grandpa and Uncle John". (Note: I don't know who wrote that information on the back of the photo. I know it wasn't my grandfather because of the hadwriting). So the mother could be Mary Josephine (Russo) Vaccaro. I compared this picture to another picture I found of Mary Josephine. And both women look the same to me.

But on the other hand we have another John in the family, whos on my grandfathers fathers side of the family. (The first John is on my grandfathers mothers side of the family). So the older boy could be John Bocamazo and the younger child could be Andrew. Which means the mother would be Carmela (DeCosmo) Boccamazzo.

So I'm going with my first theory. The mother is Mary Josephine, the older boy is John and the child on Mary's lap is Anna.


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