Sunday, May 31, 2009

1930 United States Federal Census: Agnes (DeCosmo) Rosanelli

According to this census, which was taken in Waterbury, CT, Agnes (DeCosmo) Rosanelli, 56, was the head of the household. She is listed as widowed. Sometime between 1920 and 1930, Agnes's husband, Louis Rosanelli died. Living with her are her 2 youngest children, Angelina, 23 and Mary, 14. Agnes's other children aren't living with her at this time. Agnes was 33 at her first marriage which means she was married in 1907. Agnes and her daughters haven't attended school, which means Mary isn't in high school. Agnes isn't able to read and write but her daughters are able to do so. Everyone was born in Italy and the mother tongue was Italian. They immigrated over here in 1920. They aren't listed as being naturalized. Agnes can't speak English but her duaghters are able to do so. Agnes and Mary are listed as none for their occupation. Angelina is listed as a Metal Inspector at a Brass Mill. They rented their home for $20.

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