Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where were they in 1909? Part 1 (Maternal Side)

1) Which of your ancestors were alive in 1909?
GGG Grandfather, Domincio Boccamazzo b. 1845 (was most likely living in 1909). GG Grandfather Michele Boccamazzo b. 1867. Great Grandfather Joseph Bocamazo b. 1897.

GGG Grandfather George Vaccaro b. 1846 (most likely living in 1909). GG Natale Vaccaro b. 1878. Great Grandmother Theresa Vaccaro b. 1903.

GG Grandfather Nicholas Lindner b. 1867. Great Grandmother Helen Lindner b. 1893.
GG Grandfather Alexander Zieminski b. 1868. Great Grandfather Alexander Ziminski b. 1888.

2) Tell us where your ancestral families were living in 1909. What country, state, county, city/town, etc. Who was in the family at the time? Use the 1910 census as "close enough."
Domincio Boccamazzo was living in Celenza Valafortore, Foggia, Italy. He was living with his wife M. Giovanna Paterno.
Michele Boccamazzo was living in Broojlyn, New York with his wife Carmela DeCosmo and their 3 sons: my great grandfather Joseph, John and Andrew.

George Vaccaro was living (most likely) in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Theresa Tocci.
Natale Vaccaro was living in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Mary Josephine Russo and their 3 children: my great grandmother, Theresa, George and Antoinette.

Nicholas Lindner was living with his wife Mary Nalewalski and their children, Helen and Cassimira.

Alexander Ziminski was living in Poland with his wife Catherine Sadowski. Their child Alexander was living here in Brooklyn, NY.

3) Have you found each of these families in the 1910 census?
Boccamazzo: No
Vaccaro: Yes
Lindner: Yes
Zi(e)minski: No

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