Saturday, May 30, 2009

1930 United States Federal Census: Natale Vaccaro and Mary Josephine Russo

According to this census, which was taken in Brooklyn, NY, Natale Vaccaro, 50, was living with his wife, Mary Josephine Russo, 45. Living with them were George, 22, Antionette, 20, Louise, 18, Frank, 16, Salvator, 14, John, 11, Lucy, 6 and Anna, 3. There first child, Theresa, was already married by 1930. Natale and Mary's immigration and naturalization years are undetermined. All the children are said to be in school except for Anna. Everyone, except for Anna, are able to read and write. Natale and Mary were born in Italy and all the children were born in NY. Natale and Mary's parents were born in Italy. The mother tongue was Italian. Everyone was able to speak English, except for Anna. I couldn't make out what Natale's occupation was but I know he was still working. Unless it says none, I don't know. I couldn't read it. Mary is listed as none and Frank is listed as high school. They owned a radio set. And they owned their home and are paying $18,000.


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