Saturday, May 30, 2009

1920 United States Federal Census: Natale Vaccaro and Mary Josephine Russo

According to this census, which was taken in Brooklyn, NY, Natale Vaccaro, 41, was living with his wife, Mary Josephine Russo, 34. Living with them were, Theresa, 16, George, 12, Antoinette, 10, Louise, 8, Frank, 6, Salvator, 4 and John, 2. Also living with them was Natale's parents, George Vaccaro, 74 and Theresa Tocci, 76. Natale is said to have immigrated here from Italy in 1898 and Mary is said to have immigrated either in 1899 or 1897, not sure which one. They both are said to have been naturalized in 1916, but I can't find any proof of that. Natale's parents are said to have immigrated here in 1880 and they were naturalized in 1895. Theresa, Natale's daughter, doesn't go to school anymore. And according to my grandfather, she only went up to the 8th grade. So at 16, it makes sense that shes not in high school. The rest of the children, except for Slavator and John, are going to school. Everyone, excpet for Natale's parents and Salvator and John, are able to read and write. Natale, Mary and Natale's parents were born in Italy. All the children were born in New York. Everyone was able to speak English even though they spoke Italian in the house. Natale is listed as a Machinist working at a Presshand. And Theresa, Natale's daughter, is listed as a Trimmer. Everyone else isn't working. They rented their home.

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