Friday, May 29, 2009

1920 United States Federal Census: Michele Boccamazzo and Carmela DeCosmo

According to this census, which was taken in Brooklyn, NY, Michele Boccamazzo, 52, was married to his wife Carmela DeCosmo, 46. Living with them were their children Joseph, 22, (my great grandfather), John, 16, Andrew, 12, Dominick, 10, Angelina, 5, and Nicholas, 4 years 1 month. Michele is said to have immigrated here in 1903 from Italy. Carmela, Joseph and John are said to have immigrated here in 1906, which would make sense since John was born in Italy in 1903. Michele and Carmela are said to not be able to read or write. Joseph and siblings are said to be able to read and write, except for Angelina and Nicholas since they're to young. Michele is listed as a Laborer, Joseph and John are listed as working for an Electric Welding company. And they rented their house.

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