Friday, May 29, 2009

1910 United States Federal Census: Natale Vaccaro and Mary Josephine Russo

According to this census, which was taken in Brooklyn, NY, Natale Vaccaro, 30, was married to his wife, Mary Josephine Russo, 25. Living with them were Theresa, 6 (my great grandmother), George, 2, and Antoinette, 1. At this time the rest of Theresa's siblings weren't born yet. Natale is said to have immigrated here in 1897 and Mary is said to have immigrated here in 1890. Natale and Mary are said to be married for 7 years. Mary is said to have 4 children but only 3 living, which is true. Her 2 child, George (hes before the second George who lived), died at age 1. Natale is said to be a Boiler Maker. And they rented their home.

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