Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm related to 3 Presidents!

Well, it looks like I am at least. If I'm correct and I found the correct 3rd g grandmother, which I believe I have, I'm related to President Ford and the two Bush's, George Sr. and George W. I'm not sure how with Ford (long story and very complicated) but apparently I'm 8th cousins once removed with George W. and 7th cousins twice removed with his father. I'm related through my Dutch line, which I'm not 100% positive is correct but I have a feeling it is and most of the time I'm right.

I found out about this possible Dutch line a few years ago and I've been keeping quiet about it, researching the family and all. I haven't even told my grandmother yet. But I believe it's true, everything matches up nicely. Now if I cam only confirm my 3rd g grandmother's parents, then I'll be set. That's my only hang up, I'm not 100% sure about her parents, at least her mother. If it's correct then I have the correct family. If not...well, we can't be perfect all time and that means I have a lot of deleting to do. So let's hope I'm right. See the thing is, I found Louise's (3rd g grandmother) "parents" on family search on a marriage record. They had their birthdates and marriage date listed but when I search for Louise or search for children of Sarah (her "mother") I can't find any children nor any parents. But ancestry.com has Louise and her parents on a census. So I don't know.

Well, off to tell my grandmother the news.

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