Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Love Finding Out About New Family Members

Last night I had dinner at an Italian restaurant with my parents and my grandfather. For some reason my grandfather started talking about someone named Charlie. I thought, "Who is Charlie?" So I decided to ask. It turns out he was my grandmother's cousin. So I said, "Oh, ok. How is he related?" It also turns out (and this is the part I love) my great grandfather, my grandmother's father, had 2 sisters and Charlie was the son of one of these sisters. These sisters were named Barbara and Sophie. My great grandfather, Alex, was the middle child. All three children left their parents, my gg grandparents, behind in Poland. They came here to America and never saw their parents again. Anyway, the reason Alex left with his sisters was he didn't want to join the Russian Army at that time. Barbara married and had Charlie and Edward. Sophie married and had Julia, Mary, Stephen, John, Edward, Helen and Walter. Also living with Sophie was Alex and his 2 daughters, Irene and Eugenia. Alex's previous wife (and mother of Irene and Eugenia) died a few years after Eugenia was born.

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