Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly Planner: Find a Story

When you’re intent on your family history quest, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision and forget to look for the stories in the records we find. With the click of a mouse we can add records and source information to our family tree in software or online at Ancestry. But are we taking the time to really read the record and examine it, not just for clues, but for the stories. Gather several records you have for your ancestor for a particular time period. Did one census show the head of the household was unemployed for a time during the census year? Did some of the older have an occupation listed as they worked to supplement the family income? Put the records in the context of history and look for events that would have impacted them at the time the record was created. By looking beyond the clues and at the implications of events, you’ll be able to better understand and preserve your family story.

What stories have you uncovered through the records you’ve found? Share your family stories in the comments section below.

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