Saturday, August 8, 2009

SNGF: My 16 Great-Grands

1) List your 16 great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.

2) Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.

3) Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).

4) If you don't know all 16 of your great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.

1. Gabriel Dyson was born Feb. 18, 1850 in England. He died June 29, 1928 in England.
He married Elizabeth Macdonald on March 22, 1871.
Elizabeth Macdonald was born May 7, 1848 in England. She died Dec. 5, 1931 in England. Gabriel Dyson is English and Elizabeth Macdonald is English and/or Scottish.

2. John Palm was born 1858 in either Sweden. He died in NY.
He married Emma Wictor in 1884.
Emma Wictor was born 1864 in England or NY. She died in NY, shortly after her daughter, Clara was born.
John Palm is Swedish and possibly Danish. Emma Wictor is possibly English.

3. Michael Lesser was born 1863 in NY. He died in NY.
He married Lavinia Ferris on July 1, 1895.
Lavinia Ferris was born 1865 in NY. She died in NY.
Michael Lesser is German and Lavinia Ferris is possibly Irish and/or English.

4. Henry O'brien was born Sept. 27, 1871 in NY. He died Soet. 8, 1930 in NY.
He married Margaret Gilroy on Jan. 21, 1897 in NY.
Margaret Gilroy was born Sept. 24, 1875 in NY. She died Nov. 28, 1932 in NY.
They are both Irish.

5. Michele Boccamazzo was born Aug. 5, 1867 in Italy. He died April 6, 1931 in NY.
He married Carmela DeCosmo.
Carmela DeCosmo was born May 19, 1871 in Italy. She died May 21, 1938 in NY.
They are both Italian.

6. Natale Vaccaro was born Dec. 10, 1878 in Italy. He died March 17, 1962 in NY.
He married Mary Josephine Russo on Jan. 21, 1902.
Mary J. Russo was born Jan. 21, 1885 in Italy. She died Nov. 23, 1968 in NY.
Natale is Italian and Albanian. Mary J. Russo is Italian.

7. Alexander Zieminski was born 1868 in Poland. He died in Poland or NY.
He married Catherine Sadowski.
Catherine Sadowski was born 1868 in Poland. She died in Poland or NY.
They are both Polish.

8. Nicholas Lindner was born Dec. 1867 in Poland. He died Oct. 17, 1949 in NY.
He married Mary Nalewalski in 1892.
Mary Nalewalski was born July 23, 1871 in Poland. She died May 17, 1948 in NY.
Nicholas Lindner is Polish and German. Mary Nalewalski is Polish.

I'm not going to calculate each natioanlity since I have 8/9 nationalities. But I know each natioanlity is very diluted and that each one has a very low percentage.

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  1. I'm searching for a Natale Vaccaro who had a cousin, Francesco Vaccaro. Natale paid for Francesco's passage to America in 1901. Francesco was my husband's g grandfather. Natale immigrated with his mother and sister in 1899. Our Vaccaro's are Italian/Albanian. Is he possibly your great grand listed here? I believe they all eventually migrated to Brooklyn, NY.