Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pick A Spelling, Any Spelling

Warning: this post may cause: dizziness, headaches and confusion. If any of these symptoms occur please stop reading and refer to the last paragraph.

*Sigh* I guess I should explain my mother's maiden name, Bocamazo (which was the last two Tombstone Tuesday posts). If you read my last two Tombstone Tuesday posts, you would have probably noticed the last name(s) are spelt differently. Now you're probably thinking, "They aren't related? How can they be? They all have different spellings" . Well, I have to inform you that your wrong. We are all related. They are all related. They were all crazy and couldn't agree on one spelling.

My gg grandfather, Michele, spelt it Boccamazzo. He had my great grandfather and his siblings. My great grandfather, Joseph (along with my grandfather, my uncle and my mother) spelt it Bocamazo.

Joseph's brother, John (my gg uncle), spelt it Bocamazo as well. Well, at least they agreed on a spelling.

Joseph's next brother, Andrew (my gg uncle), spelt it Boccamaza. Noticed the different spelling and the "a" at the end? But wait theres more....Andrew's name is spelt Boccamazo on the tombstone and spelt Boccamazza on his SSDI.

Joseph's sister, Angelina (my gg aunt), spelt it Boccamazzo (I'm assuming she spelt it that way since she got married). She was probably glad to have gotten married and away from this madness.

Joseph's next brother, Dominic (my gg uncle) spelt it Boccamaza. Well at least Andrew and Dominic agreed on a spelling (at least I think they did).

Joseph's next brother, Nicholas (my gg uncle) spelt it Boccamazza. But wait theres more....Nicholas erected a tombstone for his parents, Michele and Carmela. His name is spelt Boccamaza but where hes buried its spelt Boccamazza. Oh and get this he bought both graves; the Boccamaza one, where his parents are buried and the Boccamazza one, where he and his siblings are buried. And the funny thing is since his brother, my great grandfather, Joseph died first he spelt Joseph's name Bocamazo but the family name on the grave is Boccamazza.

So did you get that all? Did you catch all the spellings?

Boccamazzo, Boccamazza, Boccamazo, Boccamaza, Bocamazzo, Bocamazza or Bocamazo. And did you notice no one used Bocamazzo/a?

No wonder I can't find my family. Its really a pain in the neck and difficult. So because of that I tend to shy away from this part of the family.

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