Monday, July 13, 2009

Time Travel Part 2

1) Dec 6, 1900 in NYC. Lavinia (Ferris) Lesser just gave her son, Henry Lesser, up for adoption at a home in NYC.

2) The question that I would ask Lavinia is: Why are you giving up your son for adoption? This question is very important in understanding the circumstances. And also what kind of father and husband Michael Lesser was.

Actually if I could go back to Dec 6, 1900 I would tell Lavinia to stop what she is doing or about to do. I would try to stop her and tell her that shes making a big mistake. She would be a great mother and Henry would have a wonderful life if he stayed with you and Michael. He would have 2 loving parents, instead of a home full of strangers. He would also know his cousins and maybe any siblings, thats if you and Michael have anymore children. Plus, your making this very difficult for me and Linda to find you, Michael and Henry. If you do this we won't know anything about your son. Plus, we won't know why you did this and if he had any siblings. If he stays with you we have a better chance of knowing who he was and if he had siblings. You know, you and Michael aren't the easiest people to find. It seems like you and your husband just vanished after this year, 1900.

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