Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Old Watch Part 1

This watch is my gg grandmother, Mary (Nalewalski) Lindner's watch. My gg grandfather, Nicholas Linder (her husband), has a bigger one. This watch is most likely over 100 years old, since it probably was given to her by Nicholas when they were married in 1892. Theres a deer/moose on the back of the watch's cover. The front has her initials, M.L. The heart, which is on top of the chain, has a diamond in it and you can pull that down to make the chain smaller. The maker of the watch, which is engraved on the inside, is J. Brull & Son. Its also in the original velvet pouch that it came in.
The most fascinating thing about this watch is that it still ticks and works. Even though the time is off, its about 4 hours ahead, it still works and you can hear the watch ticking away. The thing I love about the watch is the small heart on top of the chain.
Now, who is/was J.Brull & Son? I'm going to have to look that one up.

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  1. What a treasure. Isn't it wonderful to have some of your ancestor's things.