Monday, July 6, 2009


On Saturday, before my parents and I went to the beach to see fireworks, we stopped at Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite stores. While I was there I picked up 2 magazines and 2 books. Those books included, Wreck This Journal and How To Be An Explorer of the World. I forget which book it was, (I think it was How To Be An Explorer), mentioned going out and picking things up. Basically, go on a scavenger hunt.

Anyway, when I read that I thought about what my grandmother and I used to do when I visited her. When I was young, my grandmother would take me on a walk. During this walk we would pick things up that we found interesting. We would go on a scavenger hunt. If I remember correctly, I would always ask to go out for a scavenger hunt.

As I think back to that, I guess you can say that's how I came to be a pack rat. And I guess you can say, I'm not afraid to go out and pick things up that I find interesting or in other words, I'm not afraid to go on my own scavenger hunt. If I ever end up doing another scavenger hunt, I'll think of it as reliving a memeory, reliving part of my childhood.

Lets go on a scavenger hunt, it'll be fun.


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