Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amelia (Drobinski) Lindner

For many years, my ggg grandmother, Amelia Lindner's maiden name wasn't known. Recently, I ordered a death record for Amelia, for 3 reasons: to find her parents, maiden name and birthdate. When I recieved the record yesterday in the mail, I was so excited because finally I was going to get my question answered, What was her maiden name? Her maiden name turned out be Drobinski. I thought to myself, Drobinski? Huh, thats strange. That's Joseph Lindner's (Amelia's husband) mother's maiden name. Joseph Lindner's mother was Emily Drobinski. Hmmm, maybe Amelia's father and Joseph's mother are related somehow. Which would mean Amelia and Joseph are related, married or not. If Amelia's father, who by the way is named Joseph, and Joseph's mother, Emily are related, that means I'll be opening a big can of worms. As they say, cousins marrying cousins, very tangled roots.

Heres the record:

Name: Amelia Lindner
Birthplace: Germany
Place of Death: Elmhurst
Date of Death: Oct. 1, 1905
Single/Married/Widowed/Divorced: Married
Character of premises: Tenement
Occupation: Housework
Fathers Name: Joseph Drobinski
Fathers: Birthplace: Germany
Mothers Name: ? Newman (the reason I put a question mark here is because on the record they didn't write her first name, just a maiden name).
Mother Birthplace: Germany
How long in U.S: 26 yrs
How long in NYC: 6 yrs (now it could be 26 yrs, but on the paper there's no 2)

I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Sept 8, 1905 to Oct 1, 1905, that I last saw her alive on the 29th day of Sept 1905, that she died on the 1st day of Oct 1905, about 5 A.M and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the cause of her death was Pulminary ? (I can't read the second word for cause of death).

Place of Burial: St. Johns
Date of Burial: Oct 3, 1905

When I first saw there was no first name for Amelia's mother I was really upset. I mean Amelia was a challenge for me to begin with. I couldn't find a maiden name and I didn't know who her parents where. I finally get rid of this brick wall and now another brick wall pops up. Now her mother is the challenge and I think its the hardest brick wall that I've hit in this family. Do you realize how hard it is to find somebody without a first name? You have to look up the spouse and child/children.
And then theres another brick wall (but I'm sure I'll break it down soon), Who are the Drobinski's. Who is this Drobinski family that keeps popping up? I first saw that name on Joseph Lindner's death record. Like I said before his mother's name is Emily Drobinski. Then I go to the cemetery and right next to the Lindner grave, is the Drobinski grave. My grandfather told me ''They're cousins". Thats really helpful, when I don't know how they fit into the tree. Next I see Drobinski as Amelia's maiden name.

Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it.

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