Monday, June 15, 2009

1861 England Census: Gabriel Dyson and Mary Ann Wood

According to this census, taken in England, Gabirel, 42, was living with his wife, Mary Ann Wood, 48. Also living with them was there children, Alice, 17 and Gabriel, 11. Also living was Martha Whitehead, 17, Mary Ann Clark, 34 and Joseph Clark, 3. Father, Gabriel is listed as a Cotton Comber. Alice and Martha are listed as Cotton Frame Tenters. Son, Gabirel is listed as a Cotton Piecer. Gabriel, Alice, Gabriel, Martha, Mary Ann Clark and Joseph are said to have being born in England and Mary Ann Wood is said to have been born in Limerick, Ireland. They lived on 8 Tame St.
Wasn't Mary Ann Wood listed as being born in England on the 1851 census? How could she be born in Ireland? Who is Martha Whitehead, Mary Ann Clark and Joseph Clark? I know Martha and Joseph are listed as cousins, but how are they related? And who are they related to? Mary Ann Clark is listed as a niece. How is she related? And to whom is she related to? I have yet to solve these mysteries, except for Mary Ann Wood being born in England. I know she was born in England, my cousin even said so himself.

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